Welcome!to Bob's Arizona Fly Fishing page. I've been a fly fisherman for over 40 years and I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. I've been fishing Arizona for about eighteen years and had some pretty good days on the lakes I have listed.

First, I'll mention Lee's Ferry, the Black River, the Little Colorado, and possibly Canyon Creek as the only decent stream fishing available, and suggest that that you will need chest waders, fins and a float tube to take advantage of some fine trout fishing in these mountain lakes. Use sinking line and wet flys.

Lake/Stream Fish Comment
Chevlon Lake
Mogollon Rim
scrappy rainbows & big browns good early spring & late fall, 4wd, ½ mi. steep hike, woollybugger best bet
Willow Springs Lake
Mogollon Rim
stocked rainbows, bass, browns?? catch a lot, pheasant tail, hare's ear,  woollybugger, nymphs (however state record brown taken several years ago) State record Rainbow taken September 2006.
Sunrise Lake
White Mountains
rainbows & brook, big fish in late fall White Mountain Apaches do a great stocking job, woollybuggers & nymphs
Horseshoe Cienega
White Mountains
rainbows, browns & Apache ditto above, restocked (rehabed lake is now open)
Little Colorado River
rainbow, brown, native & brook Access in & about Greer, but for a real adventure book a half day at X-Diamond Ranch, stealth required but big, 20"+ rewards
Black River
Hannigan Meadows
rainbows, browns, brooks Blue Ribbon Fishery, lots of difficult access points across the Apache reservations, BWO Hannigan Meadows is easiest & off reservations
Lees Ferry
rainbows the best rainbow fishing in Arizona, about 6 hours from Phoenix, get flys & specific advice (critical) at Lees Ferry Anglers
Salt/Verde Rivers
stocked rainbows about 1 hour from anywhere in Phoenix, stocked in winter months, fish through April, before it gets too hot, just about any fly, wet or dry
Lake Pleasant
white bass, crappie haven't fished this in years, but understand the white bass are huge

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